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Dan and Jason

Dan Abdo is a writer, illustrator, and animation director. With his best friend and long time partner, Jason Patterson, he co-created the long running animated comedy series Rocket Monkeys. His comics have been published in Nickelodeon Magazine, he has directed international advertising campaigns, award winning short films, and has set up cartoon projects at Disney, Sesame Workshop, Fox, and Nickelodeon. No matter what he does his work always comes back to real human emotion, the little moments that make us who we are, and friendship. Jason Patterson is a cartoonist, writer, animation director and and all around bon vivant. His hilarious and biting cartoons are regularly published in the New Yorker. In collaboration with his long time partner in crime Dan Abdo he has created animated shows for Disney, Nickelodeon, and Fox, directed world wide advertising campaigns for major brands, not to mention he’s won numerous awards in the animation industry. Jason’s writing and drawings are the perfect mix of dark twisted humor and heartfelt joy.


Draw with Dan & Jason! (ages 7-13)

We’re going to take you through the patented Dan & Jason comic process! Staring from a thumbnail sketch, we’ll clean up and color a comic book page! You'll get 30… Read More »Draw with Dan & Jason! (ages 7-13)