Kate Feiffer

Website: http://www.katefeiffer.com
Kate Feiffer is the author of eleven popular books for children, a lifelong doodler, and a former television news producer and documentary filmmaker. Her books include DOUBLE PINK, illustrated by Bruce Ingman, HENRY THE DOG WITH NO TAIL, illustrated by her father Jules Feiffer, and MY MOM IS TRYING TO RUIN MY LIFE, illustrated by Diane Goode.


Tales of a Tails (ages 5-8)

What happens when a dog has no tail and a world famous artist can’t draw a dog? The story of Henry The Dog with No Tail was inspired by a… Read More »Tales of a Tails (ages 5-8)

Dogs and Doodles (ages 4-8)

Kate Feiffer discusses the dogs in her books and shows early drawings from Henry the Dog with No Tail, and her own dog doodles. Markers or crayons and paper for… Read More »Dogs and Doodles (ages 4-8)