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What is Stimola Live? Stimola Live is a website that lists live stream events organized by authors, illustrators and industry professionals in the book publishing community. Most of the authors and illustrators involved in Stimola Live are represented by the same literary agency, Stimola Literary Studio.

We have a question. We have a comment. We want to say hi! We’d love to hear from you. Email us at

Are the events free? Yes!

The live stream we tuned into didn’t work! Oh no! We’re sorry to hear that. If it is the fault of the authors or illustrators, please forgive them. They are professional book makers, not professional live streamers. All the authors and illustrators are donating their time to put on their event. If something went wrong, I am sure they are really upset about it too.

My child is younger or older than the recommended age range. Can we still watch? If it’s okay with you, it’s okay with us.

Can I interact with the author and illustrator during the live stream? Absolutely. Many of the events will have comments turned on and the authors and illustrators are hoping that you will share questions, ideas and more. That’s the fun of a live stream! You can type in messages and the authors and illustrators will do their best to respond to your messages in real time. And if you can, send them hearts and lots of smiles.

How do I tune into the live stream events? Some events have a link that will take you to the YouTube event and for some events you need to register in advance. Please note that when you register for an event you are also registering for our event newsletter.

Must we have purchased or read the book before the live stream? You and/or your children do not have to have read or purchased the book to tune into a live stream. It some cases, the live stream will include some live reading. But, as you can expect, it could make for a richer experience if you have! Each event page has a link to purchase the book (usually from their local indie bookshop) or you can see if the library has it.

We can’t tune in at the time of a particular live stream but we really want to see it. That’s a bummer, we know. We hope you’ll find another exciting live option that fits into your schedule! If you sign up for our newsletter, you can stay informed of the next time that author or illustrator is hosting a live event. Also, after the event is over, we will archive it on our Stimola Live YouTube channel. Take a look!

Will all the videos be uploaded somewhere after the live streams? Most likely, but it is up to each author and illustrator whether to upload the video after the live stream. Check our Stimola Live YouTube channel to see if it is is there.